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The question is, "Who is Grant Cardone and does his online strategies work?"

Grant Cardone is an Author, Real Estate Investor, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, and CEO of several successful companies. You can learn more about Grant by going to his website at  Grant and his beautiful wife Elena Cardone host an annual 10X Growth Conference.  I personally attended the first event in Hollywood, Florida. You can read more about my opinions of the 1st Annual 10X event here

Grant recently went live on Youtube to discuss social media and provided his viewers with "5 Social Media Tips".  I created the short video on this page to share those tips with you. It is because I have been using many of this same tips on my social media that I was able to win $1,000 from Grant.  Grant is currently giving away $1,028,000.00 and every day he is looking for people who can get is attention using the hashtags #10X, #realdeal and #millionairebooklet.  I was able to create a video and when he searched for these terms he found my video.  You can see for yourself that I won the money on his live Youtube stream below. 


Grant Cardone is the real deal and if you can read what I have learned from Grant by going to a recent blog post entitled, Grant & Elena Cardone #realdeals.  When I am not writing blogs about my everyday experiences or sharing what I learned from those Mentors that I follow like Danelle Delgado, Mark Hoverson and Grant, I am building websites for companies.  I have two of the best jobs! As a Firefighter, I get to help people in my community and as the owner of Think Big Websites, I get to help people throughout the world on the internet.  My most recent endeavor is to help people understand how ClickFunnels can help build your website at a fraction of the cost of a custom website if you are willing to do it yourself. 

Ironically, I purchased ClickFunnels at the 10X Conference that I attended in early 2017.  I will soon be offering a course that will show you everything you need to know in order to build and promote your own website using Clickfunnels so check back soon.  There is currently a 14 Day Free Click Funnel Trial and contact me if you intend to purchase this product as I will show you a way you can get my course for a drastic discount!

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