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Who is Grant Cardone?

SIRI doesn’t know who Grant Cardone is. Siri doesn’t know the real deal about Grant Cardone. I have been following Grant for a few years and I can tell you everything you need to know about him.

Grant Cardone is an enabler!

He enables me to be motivated to do more and to be better at what I do for me and for my family. Grant has helped me in the Fire Service, and with my two businesses as an entrepreneur. In the next few minutes, I will explain each.


How has Grant helped me in the Fire Service?

You might be asking how the heck can Grant Cardone help me in the fire service. Other than wearing the 10X Fire Chief helmet that I gave him at 10XGrowth Con, he has no fire service experience. Let me explain…
The fire service is all about providing a service to someone who in most cases is having the worst day of their life. When they call 911 their house may be on fire, or they are having a medical emergency or been involved in an accident. It is our job to provide the help they need. Since reading The 10X Rule, I now seek ways that I can provide 10 times the level of service to those who call 911 and the firefighters in my Battalion. My officers will often flash me the 10X symbol on calls indicating that they are 10Xin the situation.

How has grant cardone helped me with my Think Big Websites Business?

After reading Sell or Be Sold, I realized that I was being selfish in my website development and online marketing company. In sell or be sold you I realized that it was my obligation to provide the online solution for a business. My company can build a website, create a video, drive traffic and perform all aspects of SEO at an unbeatable price and while treating you like you are my only client thanks to the lessons learned in Sell or Be Sold.

How has Grant Cardone helped me with TiLoTag?

Building an app is expensive. It can cost well over 100K for a mobile application that has moderate functionality. I needed to discover how to successfully pitch an idea to a group of people who were awarding a 25K non equity grant. I had actually failed on my first attempt a year earlier. So, I decided to enroll in the 10XLifestyle program at Cardone University and decided to try a second time. This time I was successful and was awarded the 25K grant money which funded further development of my app and gave me the ability to secure 2 patents.

There are three specific ways Grant has helped me…. and Grant continues to help me. I can verify that is social media strategies and tactics work. I have actually done a video on his 5 Social Media Tips and show you how to put them to use in your business. You can learn more by clicking the link you’ll see somewhere on this video or in the description area.

Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone are the real deals. They really want to help as many people as they possibly can.

Thanks for watching and let me know if I can help you in any way.

Ray Briant
Firefighter and Entrepreneur

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