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Website hosting explained

Website hosting explained

I just created a video that explains the various types of website hosting and how to choose the best website hosting provider for your online business. Video explains what is business web hosting and how to best purchase hosting for your website.Many of my clients are simply to busy running their business to take time to understand the rewards of choosing the best website hosting provider.  This video will explain the right web hosting for your company or business website.So, don’t worry about trying to understand “shared hosting” vs. “dedicated hosting”, or wondering if you need a separate mail exchange server. Hopefully, all your website hosting questions will be answered after watching the video. 

Business Web Hosting

Table of Contents ———————————————- 0:36 Do you need hosting? 1:06 What is website hosting? 2:25 How much does web hosting cost? 3:33 What type of web hosting do you need? 6:49 How and where to buy web hosting? 10:42 Are all website hosting providers the same?———————————————- After watching the video you should have the knowledge you need to choose the right business web hosting for your business.By Ray Briant

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