The Space Monkey (SPMK) was recently launched and this was a major milestone for the game developer (Jordan) and the Spacemonkey developer (Monk).  A lot has transpired since my last update and I wanted to provide an update for those following along.  As many of you who are into crypto currency already know, the ups and downs of the market definitely impact the price of the crypto currency. And remember that anything contained in this post or on my blog should not be considered financial advice.

I recently did a video with a friend of mine from the Space Monkey Telegram group named Lew.  Lew is very knowledgable about Crypto tokenomics and we had a brief conversation about the potential future for the Spacemonkey coin.  Lew is also creating a competition for those who would like to participate.

You can win several prizes including:

  • $100 for the highest score

  • $50 for the most referals

  • $50 to (2) random players

According to Lew, “the competition will be the first official competition of the space monkey game, which is going to be a huge step forward for Space Monkey. I mean, it’s never had any form of crypto integration yet. So this is going to be the very first form of it without having the mechanics behind it in the game. So we’re launching the competition.”

The future looks bright for this crypto because the marketing hasn’t even started.  As Lew mentioned, the early investors actually got in when the coin was positioned as a “meme” coin and many left when the coin transitioned to a gaming coin. This transition shifted the strategy from a “sprint” to a “marathon” for those looking at SPMK as an investment.

We are also recently learned more about the lead developer behind Space Monkey, who was always referred to as “Monk”. In a recent Telegram chat, Monk revealed that his real name is Nicolas Montpetit. Also, Nicolas hinted at good news coming in the near future and “I think that a fork would mark a true new chapter in the life of SpaceMonkey. Turning a new page from memecoin to real project with utility and product…”


To join the Telegram Group just visit,


Download SpaceMonkey from IOS –

Download SpaceMonkey for Android –

Thanks for reading and viewing my video!


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