Space Monkey SPMK Update #3 | First Glimpse At The Space Monkey Character

Hi, this is Ray, and this is an impromptu update #3 for my Space Monkey Crypto S P M K Adventure. This crypto currency is seemingly unique in that it also has a game associated with it and we were just was shown a version of what the Space Monkey character will look like in the game. I will post it below. It looks really good in my opinion and according to the Lead Game Developer, Jordan Grant-Hall, “this is a high poly type of graphic that is typically used for PC games in terms of quality.”

And this space monkey is going to look even better! According to Jordan Grant-Hall, the next step is

“turning it into a low poly model and then baking the texture onto the normals map so that it will look really, really dope!”

I am excited to see this, and in my opinion, this brings further credibility to the project. As a result, possibly of the news of this image the value has gone up. This coin is only 25 days old and there are still a lot of zeros in front of the first digit.

The image is courtesy of Jordan Grant-Hall and you can follow and watch Jordan work on this project on a daily basis by following his live Twitch feed.

At the time of this blog post the cost to purchase a Space Monkey is .000006104 (that’s five zeros in front of the first digit to be exact), but I would expect that soon, many of those zeros will be relate replaced. So I just wanted to give this quick update for those of you that would like to see the prior updates, click the links below. If you have any questions, you should join the telegram group.

Also, as I have mentioned in almost every post or prior videos, I am new to crypto trading and am learning about meme coins, tokens, blockchain technology and the various method of investing in this relatively new currency. I have no administrative role in Space Monkey and only volunteer as part of my case study entitled “Ray’s Adventures in Crypto Currency”.

If you would like to learn more about me visit my about page and if you need a website, video or internet marketing you can visit my company website at Think Big Websites.

Update 3.1 – To illustrate how fast things change in the crypto currency world.  While writing this blog post the Space Monkey coin hit a milestone of over 1,000 people that have chosen to to invest in the Space Monkey (SMPK) coin.  This information can be found using this link,

Here are some resources to help you learn more about this coin:

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