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September 11th Reflection

What does September 11th mean to you?

For me, the month of September has been transformed into a time of reflection in all areas of my life.  I tend to think about those families who lost their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and wonder how they are doing today. I also think about my own family and how dangerous my being a Firefighter can be.  As a family we also pray every night for all the soldiers who are risking their lives as the result of September 11, 2001. We pray for their safety and that God will give protect them and allow them to return home safely.

I urge my viewers to demonstrate their remembrance of September 11, 2001 throughout the entire month.

 Here are my recommendations: Raise your American flag on your housePut your flags back on your cars Conduct random acts of kindness for neighbors or those less fortunate Go back to Church, pray and support our Nation's first responders. 

There will be a lot of news coverage that will bring us all back to the day our Nation changed forever.  My thoughts and prayers are also with those Firefighters who will be reporting to work during the same month which claimed 343 of their Brothers and Sisters.

So, what does September 11th mean to you?  I would love to see how you remember September 11.

God Bless.

Ray Briant

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originally published on 09/09/2011

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