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scrap booking smartphone appWill people who love to scrap book, love TiLoTag?

To answer this question, I didn't have to search too far.  Fortunately, my wife loves to scrap book and has preserved the memories of our children using scrap booking.  Scrap booking is amazing because it captures memories and allows you to write down your feelings and describe the experiences of that moment.  If it sounds like I just described TiLoTag, you would be right!  TiLoTag allows you to perfectly record audio, video, text and photographs in the exact location of the memory.  You can choose to share this memory with friends and family without them having to come over to your house to see your scrap booking album.  Watch this video that gives you my wife's perspective of TiLoTag as she answers the question, "Will people who love to scrap book, love TiLoTag?" Help me make TiLoTag a reality by supporting our Kickstarter page, visit for more information about TiLoTag.Thank you,Ray Briant Inventor of TiLoTag

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