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Nebo Redline Flashlight Review

I know that this is a total departure to my normal internet related post but I have a really good explanation. Give me a chance to explain why I am doing a post on a Nebo Redline Flashlight. The short answer is that I am a bit of a "prepper". I like to buy things that have a survivalist attitude and lately my need for such gear has been at an all time high. I have been buying a lot of cool prepper items like guns, water filters and shortwave radios, the Baofeng UV-5R to be exact. (I will post a review on those items in the near future). I purchased this flashlight with a universal shotgun mount by Nebo for a steal! I will provide you a link after my review. 🙂

Initial impression of the Nebo Redline flashlight....

Nebo 5630 Flashlight

The Nebo 5630 flashlight combo aka the Protec Redline 220 LED flashlight and universal shotgun mount. The Nebo Redline is one of the brightest flashlights I have ever seen. As a Firefighter, we get issued some really bright smoke cutting flashlights and I must admit that the Nebo Redline Flashlight is as bright as any flashlight I have seen at the fire station. I am also impressed with the build quality of the flashlight. It feels solid in your hands and has a lot of features packed into a tactical style flashlight.

Here are some of the stats on the Nebo Redline Flashlight:

  • 220 Lumens
  • 4x Adjustable beam (Spot-Flood)
  • Aluminum body
  • Water resistant
  • Shock Proof
  • 5 Lighting modes
  • Shotgun mountable


I made a youtube video for the Nebo 5630 Flashlight illustrating all the features and showing you how I mounted it to my Mossberg 500 Mariner shotgun. The next video will show how the Protec Redline holds up while shooting the shotgun at the range.

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. I paid less than 45.00 dollars for the Nebo 5630 Flashlight with the shotgun mount included. I would recommend the Nebo 5630 Protec Redline 220 Lumens LED Flashlight to anyone who looking for an easy way to mount a high quality flashlight to their home defense shotgun. It is extremely easy to install and the price makes it a real bargain.

Ps. I there is another Nebo Flashlight on Amazaon called the Nebo Protec Tactical Laser Flashlight with Pressure Switch for Shotguns, it is cheaper but the flashlight does not appear to be as good and the pressure switch does NOT cycle the various modes (100%, 50%, 10%, SOS, Strobe), it simply turns on the flashlight and you need to push the flashlight to advance to the next mode.

I hope you found my review beneficial and it helps you make an informed purchase. If you decide to purchase I would be grateful if you did so using my Amazon affiliate link. This is a great way of motivating future reviews and also helps support the funding of future Amazon purchases.

Thanks again, and make sure to check out my youtube channel for a high definition review of Nebo Redline Flashlight and other items.

Update 10/10/2012

I had a chance to take the Nebo Redline Flashlight and Protec Shotgun Mount (Redline 5630) to the gun range. I wanted to see if the mount would hold up under the stress of putting a few rounds down range. The video clearly shows my results and hopefully will help you decide if the Nebo Redline 5630 and Protec Universal Shotgun Mount are the right combination for your tactical or home defense needs.

Watch this video to see how the Nebo shotgun mount held while sending rounds down range.

If you found this review helpful and are ready to purchase the Nebo Redline 5630, feel free to use my Amazon link. Amazon had the lowest price I could find and I think they have the fastest shipping I have ever seen (Rumor has it, they hire Elf's during the off season).
Nebo 5630 Protec Redline 220 Lumens LED Flashlight

Another update: I was so impressed with the Redline Flashlight that I bought another NEBO redline "Select" flashlight. This flashlight has more of a tactical and defensive feel to it. Here is my full review on this flashlight.

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