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snadi_video_shootMy Grant Cardone story unknowingly started several months ago when I shot a video for a friend. She wanted a video created that she could send to a guy named "Grant". I had no idea at the time who is was but I really valued her opinion so I assumed he must have been a really good person to know.

I spent the next several months working on TiLoTag ( I was featured in the newspaper, on WSVN's "Appsolute Must", several online tech sites and other stuff that I can't mention yet. 🙂 Then I decided to check out Twitter's new app called "Periscope".

The first day on Periscope I saw Grant Cardone live periscope and he had like 400 people participating. As I watched his periscope I realized that this is the guy my friend was talking about so I decided to follow him. The more I watched, the more I became hooked. The very next morning my phone alerted that Grant was live on periscope so I joined in and was invited to call the show. The video on this page was my first attempt to talk to Grant about TiLoTag. It didn't go as well as I had hoped but I am not the type to give up that easy. I truly believe every obstacle creates an opportunity.

A few days later I was watching Grant and Elena on periscope and they said they were going to take a few calls so I called in and had a much better conversation with them. Here is the link to that video.

I decided to blog about this new journey with Grant and Elena Cardone and update everyone about this exciting opportunity.


Ray Briant
aka "Ray the Fireman"

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