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Review of Mophie Case for HTC One

Mophie HTC One CaseI really like this case and truly hope that they figure out what is going on with it. I have been through 3 different cases so far. I love the way the case looks and protects the phone but I really need the Mophie case to function as a battery back up. I am giving Mophie one more chance to get it right.The problem I am having is the Mophie HTC One case seems to hae amnesia when it comes to remembering how much charge it has left.  It usually occurs in the evening when my primary battery is getting low and I really need the extra battery to get me through the night.  It is during this time that the Mophie case thinks it has NO BATTERY left.  However, if you quickly plug it into an outlet for about 3 seconds it restores to a full charge.  However, if I had an outlet always next to me, I wouldn't need to have the Mophie in the first place.  I made a video to demonstrate the problem I am having with the Mophie case.Let me know if you are having the same problem with your HTC One Mophie case.Maybe I just have some bad luck when it comes to this product.

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