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What is the Internet Command System?

The Internet Command System was created to help you create the correct website, with the correct marketing.  For example, in the fire service, when fighting a fire we operate with a method called the Incident Command System.  The Incident Command System helps Incident Commanders organize and mitigate an emergency scene. It helps us with span of control, focuses our efforts and helps us deploy tactics that are in line with our overall strategies.  


I decided to use this same concept to help people understand how to best manage their online business. This includes understanding what strategy to use and what tactics are best utilized. Some people may only need a ClickFunnels™ account while others may need to know how to manage blogs, create a video marketing campaign on Youtube, and optimize their Social Media presence.  

My Internet Command System is the perfect companion to help set your online business on fire.  I am currently promoting a ClickFunnels™ course.  You can learn more about the ClickFunnels™ and why I chose ClickFunnels to use this amazing platform by reading one of my recent blog posts.  You can also watch the video below that explains what this program offers.

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