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Want to learn how to vacation for cheap?

 I have a family of 6 and finding the perfect place to vacation can be a challenge.  When traveling with a large family it is often times difficult to find accommodations that will provide us the necessary room to "spread out".  I believe when vacationing, it is important to find a place that allows for a family to have enough space to really enjoy their vacation and has amenities that exceed your current lifestyle.But, here was my chronic vacation selection problem. Tell me if you can relate.

learn how to vacation for cheap - Vacation Selection Scenario One

If you have a large family, you face the dilemma of either having to book 2 hotel rooms and hope that you can get adjoining rooms or shelling out big money for a resort.  In this scenario, let's assume you chose the 2 room hotel option.  As soon as you book this configuration, your stress levels increase because you are now hoping that you will be able to get the "adjoining rooms" that you requested.  Imagine if your rooms are not even on the same floor??? We have had to vacation this way before and it's no fun and if you now have the added expense of having to pay for a second room.  Plus, even if you get two rooms it is not the same as having a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen and everyone will be on top of each other which adds stress and frustration.  Important tip:  Don't prearrange stress and frustration into your vacation itinerary.  😉 Here is the exact vacation for cheap membership I bought. This membership recently allowed us to stay in the Historic Powhatan Resort for 57 dollars a night without having to buy a timeshare, listen to sales pitches or any gimmicks!

learn how to vacation for cheap - Vacation Selection Scenario Two

The second vacation scenario assumes that you chose the beautiful resort that cost several thousand dollars.  This resort will provide your family with really nice amenities and enough space so everyone has their personal space to really enjoy the vacation.  Everything sounds great right? You might be asking, "what's wrong with this vacation scenario?" Well, for me it was the PRICE! If I spent 2,000-5,000 dollars for a one week vacation accommodations. I would be stressed out on how much money the TOTAL vacation will cost me.  I would be shopping for discounted tickets, counting every penny and thinking to myself, "how much money is this vacation going to cost us?" By worrying about how much money is being spent, I would NOT be enjoying the vacation! This would defeat the whole purpose of creating lasting memories.Well, I have some exciting great news that will save you a lot of money and allow you to vacation in style for a fraction of the cost you thought possible. I have found the secret to taking a vacation for cheap without having to cram your family into a hotel room or spending thousands of dollars on the resort that you really should be staying at.

learn how to vacation for cheap

For more information about how I vacation for cheap, click on the global resorts video icon above.Thanks and I hope to see you on our next vacation.Ray Briantupdate: 09/14/2012 - I am putting together a video of our stay at the Powhatan resort we stayed in.  In the end we paid roughly 57.00 dollars a night to stay in a two bedroom unit with a kitchen washer/dryer, jucuzzi and plenty amenities.  This is a prime example of how to vacation for cheap!Pss. Here is a companion video I did that show another quality resort that was in my private vacation club.  It was the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Orlando.  It demonstrates how to vacation for cheap,  Check out my other vacation review video here.

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