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How to build a website

Here is an abbreviated South Florida version of how to build a website in 3 Easy Steps

You can visit for an expanded version that contains a nice "How to build a Website" infographic that you can download and share.


How to make a website

Making a website is not as difficult as it once was. However, you still need a little help to really get the type of website that you will ultimately be happy with. I know there is a lot of free website offers that are constantly playing on television, radio or as ads on Facebook.

How to make a website for “free” offers. These free offers may be good for someone who just wants to say they have a website but, it will almost always end up costing you more time and frustration than it is worth. Let me first provide you with an understanding how to make a website so you can make an informed decision prior to spending a lot of time and not being happy with the end project.


  • The first step in making a website is to select a domain name for your website.

Consider the name of your website and think of a great name for your business. A domain is your unique address that can be the name of your business or a cool description of what the site is about.


  • The second step in making a website is securing the hosting for your new home/website.

The second step in making a website involves hosting. Hosting is the physical location where your website will be stored. Think of hosting as a piece of real estate that your house will be built on.

Here are some additional things to look for with hosting...


Size – How much space are they giving you to build your website?
Security – What security precautions do they take to protect your website?

Speed – How fast will your website load on their server(s)?

Support – How fast can you get them on the phone when you need support?


  • The third step in making a website is using software to build your website.


There are hundreds of ways of building a website but make your life easier and choose WordPress™! The majority of websites online today have been built using this powerful content management system (CMS) and it will work for you. WordPress™ is very powerful, flexible and will build you a great looking website.



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