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H001YI've had my eyes on a 22 caliber Henry Rifle for a long time.  Every time I saw the Henry rifle commercial it made me want to purchase this American classic.  However, I was never sure which model to purchase as my first Henry rifle.  At first I thought I was just going to buy the Golden Boy rifle.  So, I went to my local Bass Pro Shop and held the golden boy.  It has a great weight/feel and is a really impressive looking gun.  As much as I was impressed with the gun I decided NOT to buy the Golden Boy.  My main reason was that it was just too pretty of a gun to put a single round through.  It really looks like it belongs in a case and not the gun to take to the range.So, my search continued for which Henry rifle was going to be my first.   I knew I wanted a 22 caliber rifle so it was really between the Henry Frontier with the octagon barrel and the Henry lever action classics.  In the end I decided to get the Henry Rifle youth lever action.  The primary reason I went with the youth version was because I have 4 children and it will be a great rifle for each of them to get comfortable shooting with before moving on to a heavier and bigger rifle.  In addition, the youth model is only a few inches shorter than the adult version and I think my wife will feel more comfortable shooting this rifle as well.I am now the proud owner of a Henry Rifle lever action youth rifle. The exact model is H001Y.  My next purchase will most like be the Henry Frontier Octagon Barrel model or the adult version of the classic lever action. Either gun will compliment my current collection nicely.I can't wait to take this rifle to the range and see if the claims of a ultra smooth lever action and accuracy are as on target (pun intended) as everyone says they are. I will keep you posted.For now, I am waiting for Bass Pro to get the Frontier (model H001T) in stock so that I can actually feel how the rifle feels in my hands. How the rifle feels is an essential component when hunting (another quality pun) for my next rifle. 

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