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Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 3.39.14 PMHere is my review on another cool piece of technology.  I recently bought the HDMX Jam bedside sound system.  This little device does more than just an alarm clock.  It also serves as a dock for your smartphone using a usb plug in the rear of the HDMX Jam.  The original reason I purchased this radio/smart phone charger was because I was looking to charge my smartphone at night and didn't want to over crowd my nightstand.  I narrowed down my search to two different units, the HMDX(model HXB510GY) and the iHome (model IC50BY) unit.  I decided to go with the HMDX because of several negative reviews about the IC50BY that stated a problem with the display on the clock.Unfortunately, the HMDX HXB510GY does not play well with the HTC One when it has an Otter case on it.  So, I decided to give the HXB510GY to my wife who has an iphone 4S.  You can watch my video review for more information about this device.  I am currently still searching for the best solution and may try the iHome Dual Charging unit that has a lightning port for my ipad mini as well as a USB for charging my HTC One smartphone.  If I decided to purchase this unit, I will do another review and let you know how it goes.Thanks for viewing this post and have a great day!By Ray Briant 

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