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In true Grant Cardone fashion, Grant Cardone announced he was running for President on his live Grant Cardone internet show. President Grant Cardone would definitely shake things up in the USA. Here is an image I grabbed from his live show today. Would vote for Grant Cardone for President?

Grant dropped some excellent marketing tips during the broadcast. Here is my take away from what he had to say:

  • Continuously Market Yourself

    Get yourself online everyday and be relentless with your activities. This is the mantra of the 10X life.

  • Be Current and Ready to Take Action

    Stay in the know with what is going on your feeds, streams and social networks. Get engaged with those streams.

  • Use News (Good and Bad) as Tinder

    As you continuously market yourself and staying current use any reactions on your feeds as "tinder" or "kindling" to continue the cycle of staying active.

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