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Update and observations since following Grant Cardone a few weeks ago.

The more you listen to Grant Cardone, the more you want to listen to Grant Cardone. I hung out with Grant Cardone today as he smoked cigars in his penthouse in Miami and then I hung out with him while I shopped at BJ's with my family and he even chatted with me as I did some dishes after dinner. For those of you who have been following Grant Cardone for awhile you know what I mean... Grant is simply everywhere online and broadcasts live with Periscope and Meerkat several times a day.  He answers about 100 questions that people throw at him from every angle and shares all aspects of his very successful life with the people he calls his "fams".  You soon get the sense that you are really family with Uncle G. I feel as if I have super rich family member who is willing to allow me to spend as much time as I like at his house. 🙂

I only started following Grant a few weeks ago and every time my periscope whistle goes off indicating Grant is online I get a Pavlovian response to get on Periscope.  His periscope quickly has several hundred people in attendance as Grant delivers excellent business strategy.  It is a perfect blend of no non-sense, straight talk, humor and humility and confidence. Check out some of my previous Grant Cardone blog entries and videos here.

I excited to announce that I have been invited to personally talk to Grant on Monday at 2:00pm.  I am nervous and excited thinking about what this could mean for my brand and future.  Both Elena and Grant referred to me as "Ray the Fireman" and it made me wonder if that should be my brand...  This opportunity could be an accelerator for my brand and like I just heard Grant say, "It's not who you know but who knows you".  This is a perfect example of the type of wisdom he throws out there on a daily basis.  Now, the question is "Will Grant know me after my opportunity to talk with him on Monday"? 

I will be talking to Grant Cardone about my smartphone app called TiLoTag and learning how to be a more effective hustler while being an active Firefighter and owning my website development company, Think Big Websites, and TiLoTag. These are exciting times.

More to come...

Ray Briant
Firefighter and Entrepreneur

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