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  • H001Y

    Henry Rifle 22 caliber

    I've had my eyes on a 22 caliber Henry Rifle for a long time.  Every time I saw the Henry rifle commercial it made me want to purchase this American classic.  However, I was never sure which model to purchase as my first Henry rifle.  At first I thought I was just going to buy the Golden Boy rifle.  So, I went to my local Bass Pro Shop and held the golden boy.  It has a great weight/feel and is a really impressive looking gun.  As much as I was impressed with the gun I decided NOT to buy [...]
  • air_show_2012

    Fort Lauderdale Air Show 2012

    Highlights from the 2012 Fort Lauderdale Air ShowWe will definitely be going again next year.  The Fort Lauderdale weather wasn't the best but the really bad weather stayed away for most of the Air Show. I hope they continue doing the Air Show in Fort Lauderdale.  They took a 5 year break and we are glad they decided to come back.  I hope you enjoy my quick little video I put together.Thanks,Ray
  • facebook_addiction

    Are you addicted to facebook?

    Are you addicted to facebook? Well, join the club.  A recent study concluded that facebook is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. Now, if your a business owner and you don't have a facebook fan page than you are really missing out. Let me explain, you may be thinking that facebook is just for people to talk about what they had for breakfast or to talk about a book they just read.Well, let me tell you something... YOU'RE RIGHT! But if you own a restaurant, sell vitamins, [...]
  • South Florida internet marketing specialist

    Helping South Florida Businesses

    Fort Lauderdale Website Development and Marketing Specialist First let me say, Wow, have I been slacking on keeping my blog up to date!  I can't believe how long it's been since my last post.  That is totally unacceptable! 😉 I have a really good reason though...It has been a combination of migrating my video hosting company, creating websites, and re-prioritizing my online efforts.So far, 2012 has been a great year.  I have streamlined my online business and have been steadily taking [...]
  • biggestonlinemistake_logo

    The biggest online mistake…

    Want to know the biggest online mistake people make who are trying to become online entrepreneurs? It took me a long time and a lot of money invested to finally discover this powerful yet simple secret. The best part is that I am going to share it with you for free.
  • sheraton_vistana006

    Affordable Vacation Club

    Want to learn how smart people vacation? Chances are they belong to a travel club or vacation ownership club. We just conducted a little experiment staying at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Orlando.  Our little experiment further confirmed that retail timeshares are not a good method of vacation ownership.  Let me share with you how we stayed in the same timeshare that others have paid up to 16,000 dollars and have a expensive annual maintenance fee for a fraction of the cost.We found [...]
  • Could you use a little online redemption?

    Have you been struggling to make a dime online? It's not really your fault. Let me ask you, who is helping you?Let's face it.... We all could use a helping hand when it comes to making money online.Even the most successful internet marketers online today mastermind with people who help elevate their online game.Why should you/we be any different.  That is why I created "Team Redemption".What is team redemption? Team redemption was created to help online entrepreneurs, [...]
  • ray

    Looking to make money online?

    Curious to know how people make money online? Have you been thinking about trying to make money somehow on the internet but don't know where to start. Let me show you how it's done. Now is the absolute best time for you to take action and make 2012 your year!Watch this offer because it is only good for a limited time. (ends December 15th)See this exclusive offer:Fill out the application and let's get to work today!I'll have you up and running in 48 hours with all the [...]
  • happythanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving Message

    Today is not a day in which the message will be centered around internet marketing marketing, how to make money online, or how to build a website. Today is simply a sincere "Thank you" message.[media id=62 width=520 height=420]
  • south_florida_internet_mark

    Ray’s internet marketing services

    South Florida internet marketing, blog creation and SEO services Are you a South Florida business who is looking for an affordable internet marketing services?  How about a solution to your online/internet marketing, search engine optimization or website/blog creation problems?  For a limited time I am offering my services for a select few South Florida businesses.  I am very selective about who I will work with.  Let me give you three reasons why we should work together:First, [...]

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