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  • HMDX Jam Bedside Sound System

    HDMX Jam Micro USB radio and smartphone charger

    Here is my review on another cool piece of technology.  I recently bought the HDMX Jam bedside sound system.  This little device does more than just an alarm clock.  It also serves as a dock for your smartphone using a usb plug in the rear of the HDMX Jam.  The original reason I purchased this radio/smart phone charger was because I was looking to charge my smartphone at night and didn't want to over crowd my nightstand.  I narrowed down my search to two different units, the HMDX(model [...]
  • Mophie HTC One Case

    Mophie HTC One Case | Review

    Review of Mophie Case for HTC OneI really like this case and truly hope that they figure out what is going on with it. I have been through 3 different cases so far. I love the way the case looks and protects the phone but I really need the Mophie case to function as a battery back up. I am giving Mophie one more chance to get it right.The problem I am having is the Mophie HTC One case seems to hae amnesia when it comes to remembering how much charge it has left.  It usually occurs [...]
  • Tawatec E.O. Diver | Watch Review

    Tawatec E.O. Diver | MK II Tactical Watch Review This is my new favorite watch that will blow you away!.  TAWATEC stands for Tactical Watch Technology.  The model in this review is the TAWATEC E.O. Diver MK II with the tactical green tritium tubes.To start, this watch is not only great looking but is tough.  The TAWATEC E.O. Diver is made from a carbon fiber material with tritium tubes that make this watch "glow" like a flare at night.  Take a look at my video for a better visual [...]
  • movember_stache

    Movember Participation

    I decided to participate in the Movember Experiment. I guess this officially makes me a MO Bro according to the website. On a side note, it is funny how different you look with a mustache. A long, long time ago I used to sport a mustache. I didn't realize that they went out of style way before I stopped displaying my stache. A decided to shave my mustache after one of the Firefighters at the station pulled me aside and said "Hey Lt, I just wanted you to know that the Magnum PI [...]
  • web-server-rack

    Website hosting explained

    Website hosting explained I just created a video that explains the various types of website hosting and how to choose the best website hosting provider for your online business. Video explains what is business web hosting and how to best purchase hosting for your website.Many of my clients are simply to busy running their business to take time to understand the rewards of choosing the best website hosting provider.  This video will explain the right web hosting for your company or [...]
  • Nebo Redline Flashlight with Universal shotgun mount

    Nebo Redline Flashlight Review

    Nebo Redline Flashlight Review I know that this is a total departure to my normal internet related post but I have a really good explanation. Give me a chance to explain why I am doing a post on a Nebo Redline Flashlight. The short answer is that I am a bit of a "prepper". I like to buy things that have a survivalist attitude and lately my need for such gear has been at an all time high. I have been buying a lot of cool prepper items like guns, water filters and shortwave radios, the [...]
  • video_uploads_disabled

    Facebook video disabled

    Why did my Facebook disable my ability to upload a video?  Does this LOOK familiar? I recently had the same experience while uploading a video for a client who I manage their Facebook page.   Here is what happened, I created a video that contained race car footage that was shot by my client.  I then assembled several of the clips to create a compilation of videos for his fan page.The file was about 200mb and had no audio soundtrack.  The only thing I can think happened was [...]
  • Google_Plus_local_review

    Google+ Local for business update

    Google+ Local for business update Our friends at Google continue to improve the Goolge+ Local service.  If you saw my last video, you know that Google+ Local is now replacing the Google Places that over 80 million businesses used as a great method of advertising for organic Google searches.  Well, the new and "improved" Google+ Local looks great and has a lot of potential.  Watch my updated review:Getting your Google+ Local account is a very important first step. The next important [...]
  • new google plus local

    Google Plus Local Review

    Google Places vs Google+ Local I have been spending some time experimenting with the new Google+ Local feature.  This new feature has become the newest transformation of what was previously known as Google Places for businesses.At first I thought it was a bad move because Google Places was a very clean and easy to understand interface that allowed me to get good results for my clients.  However, I soon was able to see the wisdom in Google's move to Google Plus Local.  I truly [...]
  • cheapest_way_to_vacation_image

    How to vacation for cheap!

    Learn how to vacation for cheap. Video demonstrates the exact process I utilize to find the cheapest resorts for a fraction of the price that the average person pays. Let me share with you how the best way to take a family vacation.

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