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  • successful_kickstarter_campaign

    Live on Kickstarter

    After several months of procrastination, I finally decided to get action and put TiLoTag on Kickstarter.  I am extremely excited to share my invention with the world and have already started to receive notifications from people willing to back my idea.  It is very gratifying to see people support my idea and it goes a long way to validate that TiLoTag is an app that will change how we leave messages for family, friends and complete strangers.  I will be updating my blog with information [...]
  • radio_interview_TiLoTag

    Listen to my TiLoTag interview

    TiLoTag is a brand new smartphone app coming to a smartphone soon.  Join us tomorrow 05/05/2014 on the WEI Network for our first interview about TiLoTag.  You will get to hear how this new technology will change how we leave and share messages.  Join us tomorrow at 3pm. For more information visit http://TiLoTag.comPosted by:Ray BriantInventor, TiLoTag
  • How to use

    How to use

    We put a short video together on how to use Thunderclap.  Several people sent us comments "liking" the thunderclap video but didn't go to the page.  We could have done a better job explaining "How to use Thunderclap" to help promote TiLoTag.  So, we made a video:Here are the steps.Step 1: Go to the Thunderclap link --> 2: Click on one of the three ways to support TiLoTag.That's it, just follow the [...]
  • thunderclapit_logo

    TiLoTag featured on

    TiLoTag is currently being featured on ThunderClap.  Thunderclap is the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together.  I would truly appreciate your support by visiting this site and supporting TiLoTag.  TiLoTag will change how we leave and share messages by allowing you to literally, "Put Messages In Their Place". Thanks again for your support! Posted by: Ray Briant Firefighter and Online Entrepreneur
  • TiLoTag_free_offer

    Get TiLoTag for FREE For A Limited Time

    Learn how you can get a free TiLoTag app for your smartphone for a limited time. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone.  TiLoTag is running a special promotion for a limited time.  You can get TiLoTag for free by clicking on the link below.TiLoTag will change how you leave messages by allowing you to literally "put messages in their place".  TiLoTag is a patent pending technology that will be launched in early 2014 on Kickstarter.TiLotag was invented by Ray Briant, a [...]
  • TiLoTag

    How my children will use TiLoTag

    I wanted to share this video of how my children will use TiLoTag when it is released in 2014. TiLoTag will change how we leave messages.  There is currently nothing like TiLoTag on the market and we believe TiLoTag will enable us to better record life's most important events.The Problem Today's messages have been reduced to photos of what you had for lunch, messages about farm animals and invites to play candy games. It's time to separate messages that serve no value in our life from [...]
  • Support Phil Robertson

    Keep Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty

    I woke up this morning to the news that A&E were suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty over comments he made based on his personal religious beliefs.I wanted to share my personal thoughts on A&E decision to indefinitely suspend Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.   In today's society there are very few family shows you can put on the television. We love watching Duck Dynasty!I hope they decide to keep Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty.I'll admit that I jumped on the [...]
  • TiLoTag Interview

    Introducing TiLoTag, Putting Messages In Thier Place!

    I have been secretly working on an app for several months.  I am extremely excited to share this new app with you.  It has taken awhile because I had to secure the patent (currently in patent pending status) and wanted to make sure I was protected.I will be sharing more with you as we get closer to January 1, 2014. That is when I will be releasing a lot more information on the Kickstarter network.  I will update this blog post with a link to that page for you.I recently took TiLoTag [...]
  • My Tank Supply

    South Florida Aquarium Supplies |

    Online Aquarium Supplies Join us for an insiders look at a custom e-commerce website that was recently created for My Tank Supply.  My Tank Supply is a South Florida based aquarium supply store. The owner of the store, Jon Termo, was kind enough to allow us to interview.Jon Termo, from My Tank Supply  shared with us his reason for creating his aquarium supply online store and how he turned his passion and knowledge of maintaining fresh and salt water aquariums into an online [...]
  • September11thmeaning

    September 11th Reflection

    What does September 11th mean to you? For me, the month of September has been transformed into a time of reflection in all areas of my life.  I tend to think about those families who lost their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and wonder how they are doing today. I also think about my own family and how dangerous my being a Firefighter can be.  As a family we also pray every night for all the soldiers who are risking their lives as the result of September 11, 2001. We pray for their [...]

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