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  • update_raybriant

    July 16, 2015 Update

    Welcome to! You are going to find out a little about everything I do. You will find out what I do for a living and about the products that I review and the people I follow online.This month I am going to be providing updates to my Grant Cardone journey. I had the opportunity to speak to Grant and Elena Cardone, they called me "Ray the Fireman" (you can hear my conversation with Grant and Elena here) and asked me to be on his show. I am super excited for this opportunity. [...]
  • tilotag_periscope_cardone

    “Ray the Fireman” speaks with Grant and Elena Cardone!

    Grant Cardone coined the name "Ray the Fireman" today during our phone conversation. Just being able to say that I had a phone conversation with Uncle Grant is amazing enough but the fun doesn't stop there. Grant and Elena asked me to give them a call so that I can possibly be on their internet show!All I can say is that opportunities find those who seek them! Grant and Elena Cardone said they loved the idea behind TiLoTag. I was able to rercord a portion of the periscope stream so [...]
  • snadi_video_shoot

    My Grant Cardone journey…

    My Grant Cardone story unknowingly started several months ago when I shot a video for a friend. She wanted a video created that she could send to a guy named "Grant". I had no idea at the time who is was but I really valued her opinion so I assumed he must have been a really good person to know.I spent the next several months working on TiLoTag ( I was featured in the newspaper, on WSVN's "Appsolute Must", several online tech sites and other stuff that I can't mention [...]
  • quick start challenge 2015

    The Quick Start Challenge

    It has begun and I am proud to announce that I am going to be participate in The Quick Start Challenge. My Quick Start journey will be documented and shared with you. This will be my first year participating in the challenge which brings together highly motivated individuals from across the interent.I am looking forward to bringing the results of the challenge to my community and I will be putting the information that I learned into my revised Internet Command Course.
  • ThorFire PF02 & WF-502B Flashlight Review

    Today I am reviewing two flashlights by Thorfire. They are models Pf02 and wf-502b.Here is my video that reviews these flashlights:First let’s discuss the Pf02 light.The pros-Built with aircraft grade aluminum. It takes (2) triple a batteries. It feels good in your hands. It is a tactical style light that has a beveled front end for striking. The clip is useful and I use the clip to fasten the light to my camera bag.The cons-I don’t like the multiple ways [...]
  • HSB-800 vs SF500

    LG Tone Ultra vs Motorola SG500

    LG Tone Ultra vs Motorola SG500Motorola SF500 Vs LG Tone UltraIt's been a long time since I did a product review but I recently bought (approximately 45 dollars) the Motorola SF500 bluetooth headphones because I like the idea of being able to put my phone in my pocket and answering the phone hands free.  However, I didn't want a star trek looking device wrapped around my ear.  I like the look of these style of headphones because they serve more than one person and can "rest" [...]
  • lebron_memories

    #6 LeBron, I’m keeping my jersey!

    I will always be a HEAT fan. I appreciate LeBron's talent and thank him for the memories.  I enjoyed watching LeBron wearing HEAT gear and winning us a few rings.  I am keeping my LeBron #6 Jersey.  I read LeBron's reason for leaving and I respect his decision to go to the place that he calls "home".I can remain a HEAT fan and have respect for the best NBA player in the world.  The HEAT will have a tough few seasons ahead of them but true HEAT fans will stay loyal to their [...]
  • Inventor of TiLoTag

    Firefighter Invents Smartphone App

    Firefighter Invents Smartphone App This has been a crazy week.  I have been interviewed by Katie Davis, Children’s author/illustrator, who hosts a podcast on her website and has a loyal base of teachers, writers and tech enthusiast.TiLoTag was featured on TechFaster as an Editor's Choice, which is totally cool!My friends have supported TiLoTag on the official TiLoTag Facebook page and total strangers are emailing me saying they love my idea.Here are what total strangers have [...]
  • TiLoTag_editors_choice

    TiLoTag featured as Editor’s Choice

    I am super excited to be featured as an Editor's Choice on  It does feel a little wierd to see myself on another website but I love that more people will see TiLoTag.  I have been working on TiLoTag for a really long time. I decided to put TiLoTag on Kickstarter to accelerate the completion of TiLoTag.  TiLoTag is a mixture of geocaching, scrap booking and messaging all wrapped up using patent pending technology that will change how we leave messages for friends, family and [...]
  • scrap booking smartphone app

    Scrap Booking with the TiLoTag Smartphone App

    Will people who love to scrap book, love TiLoTag? To answer this question, I didn't have to search too far.  Fortunately, my wife loves to scrap book and has preserved the memories of our children using scrap booking.  Scrap booking is amazing because it captures memories and allows you to write down your feelings and describe the experiences of that moment.  If it sounds like I just described TiLoTag, you would be right!  TiLoTag allows you to perfectly record audio, video, text and [...]

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