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  • eMergeAmericas_2016_experience

    My eMergeAmericas Experience

    I recently attended eMergeAmericas for the first time.  I was there representing my company and smartphone app called TiLoTag.  Being selected as an early stage startup company at eMerge was an amazing opportunity.  If you are a startup company I would strongly recommend you attend the 2017 eMerge event.Since this was my first time, my nerves kept me up the night before and I actually woke up at 5 am to make sure that I arrived early to set up my booth.  It only took me 45 minutes to get [...]
  • Dolphin Echo Pool Cleaner by Maytronics

    Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Living in South Florida makes having a pool is a must.  However, I have been procrastinating about having a pool built for roughly 10 years.  So, when I finally decided to have a pool built I started researching the various ways of keeping my pool clean!  The only two choices seemed to be a vacuum cleaner or a robotic pool cleaner.There was also an obvious 3rd option to keep my pool clean since we have 4 children.  The good ole fashioned  "manual" method of keeping the pool clean.  Let me [...]
  • raybriant

    How to build a website

    Here is an abbreviated South Florida version of how to build a website in 3 Easy Steps You can visit for an expanded version that contains a nice "How to build a Website" infographic that you can download and share.  How to make a website Making a website is not as difficult as it once was. However, you still need a little help to really get the type of website that you will ultimately be happy with. I know there is a lot of free website [...]
  • NEBO_casebrite_review

    NEBO CaseBrite Review

    Here is my review of the NEBO CaseBrite phone case with a built in flashlight.  The flashlight offers 200 lumens of LED lighting built into the back of the case. The phone case is good and the Nebo casebrite flashlight is excellent!  The flashlight has it owns battery so it doesn't drain your iphone 6s battery. NEBO CASEBRITE VIDEO REVIEW Nebo Casebrite Specs: - Single button Activation - COB LED Technology (it's super bright) - High to Low Dimming (high power 3 hours, low power 24 hours) - [...]
  • outdoor_movie_theater

    Backyard Theater Review

  • Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 5.40.13 PM

    Think Big Websites and “Ray the Fireman”

    I have been on fire (pun intended) lately due to the infectious nature of Grant Cardone. In only a few short weeks, I have rebranded my entire business from Kelly Day LLC to Think Big Websites and will be operating under the internet name of "Ray the Fireman". Through the teachings of Grant Cardone, I have discovered that I have not been thinking big enough and under the previous operating structure, I would have never have reached my full potential. This has been a great journey so far and [...]
  • ray_the_fireman

    Ray the Fireman

    Ray the Fireman is on mission to set your online business on fire! Contact "Ray the Fireman" for any questions about SEO, video marketing, internet marketing, hosting platforms, domain names or to ask any questions that might be holding you back. For more information about Ray the Fireman visit,
  • update_raybriant

    Grant Cardone Journey Update

    Here's an update to my journey with Grant Cardone. I recently had the opportunity to have a 30 minute phone call with Grant. We discussed my app called "TiLoTag" and about branding. The above video is a combination of Grant Cardone's Meerkat and Periscope streams as well as my own video recording. I was trying to capture both sides of the conversation.This video is raw and provides valuable insight and hopefully will help others with similar questions about branding. I will continue to [...]
  • grant_everywhere_cardone

    Grant Cardone is OMNIPRESENT! Who is Grant Cardone? | #RealDeal #10X

    Update and observations since following Grant Cardone a few weeks ago. The more you listen to Grant Cardone, the more you want to listen to Grant Cardone. I hung out with Grant Cardone today as he smoked cigars in his penthouse in Miami and then I hung out with him while I shopped at BJ's with my family and he even chatted with me as I did some dishes after dinner. For those of you who have been following Grant Cardone for awhile you know what I mean... Grant is simply everywhere online and [...]

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