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Dolphin Echo | Robotic Pool Cleaner

Living in South Florida makes having a pool is a must.  However, I have been procrastinating about having a pool built for roughly 10 years.  So, when I finally decided to have a pool built I started researching the various ways of keeping my pool clean!  The only two choices seemed to be a vacuum cleaner or a robotic pool cleaner.

There was also an obvious 3rd option to keep my pool clean since we have 4 children.  The good ole fashioned  "manual" method of keeping the pool clean.  Let me just say that my children do a great job brushing the pool and sweeping up the leaves that fall to the bottom of the pool.  However, I wanted another solution that would allow for the leaves to be picked up automatically.  Plus, robots are just cool anyway!  A friend of mine recommended a vacuum hose pool cleaner called "the shark."  After a few attempts, this vacuum method of pool cleaning just didn't work for me.  The primary reasons why I didn't like the vacuum method was because:

  1. My pool pump had to be set to high in order for the vacuum cleaner to start moving.

  2. The vacuum hose kept coiling up in the corner and had to be physically moved.

  3. The leaves and debris that the pool cleaner picked up were now in the main pool filter. (This makes cleaning the main filter a more frequent chore)

  4. The vacuum hose always remains in the pool and I didn't like the way that looks in my brand new pool.

I decided to try a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. I purchased this unit from my local pool supply store.  The actual name of the robotic pol cleaner I purchased was called, "Dolphin Echo" and for the approximate two months this little robotic pool cleaner has be great!

The reason I created this review was because information about this particular Dolphin Echo pool cleaner was extremely hard to find online.  In addition, to this review I created a video review to show you how the unit operates.  Watch my Dolphin Echo Pool Cleaner video below: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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