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Backyard Theater Review

DIY Backyard Movie Projection System


Setting up a backyard movie projector for an outdoor movie theater is not as hard as you may think. After researching what equipment to buy for about 2 months, I finally decided to purchase a projector to show outdoor movies. I created a video (see above) that shows you each of the components I purchased to create my very own outdoor cinema.

The Outdoor Movie Projector - Optoma GT760A
The first component that I had to make a decision on was the projector. I decided to go with the Optoma GT760A projector. Initially, I didn't realize that everything really depends on the type of projector you purchase. Not because of the quality of the projector but mainly because of the distance (throw ratio) the projector will be from the screen. When I first started looking for projectors I assumed that the projector could be pretty much anywhere I wanted it to be and I could control how big the image would by rotating a lever or something. While this is possible on really expensive projectors, it is not very common on projectors costing less than 1,000 dollars. For example, I needed a projector that could "throw" and image 23 feet on a 120'' screen. Unfortunately, all the projectors in my prices range would require a 200'' screen at that distance. So, I had to change my desired outdoor projector located to behind the screen. This required me to find a "short throw" projector which allow a projector to only be a few feet from the screen and display an 120'' image. I have been really pleased with the Optoma GT760A projector and I was able to purchase it from Amazon for less than 420 dollars.

The Outdoor Movie Screen - Elite Screens Yard Master 2
The next purchase was the screen. I really wanted a 120'' screen because it would be the appropriate size for people who were watching from approximately 15 feet away. Plus I wanted a screen that was easy for 1 person to setup and tear down. I decided to go with the Elite Screen Yard Master 2 projector screen. This screen had great reviews and I really liked the build quality of the frame. After only a few times of setting it up, you quickly become a pro and can have a screen up in only a few minutes. My only complaint about the screen was that my screen had some blue ink on it. Fortunately, it doesn't appear to be visible when you are watching a movie. However, it still was disappointing to see a blemish on a brand new screen. I also purchased a rear projection screen because I didn't want my projector to be visible and I also wanted to shield the projector from any "cannon ball" or "belly flops." One additional benefit of the Yard Master 2 frame is that I can purchase a front facing screen and simply snap it onto this frame.

The Outdoor Speaker System - ION Tailgater Active
I decided to purchase the ION Tailgater Active Speaker for my outdoor movie theater. The primary reason I purchased this system was because it had the ability to plug in additional components to the back of the speaker. This ability minimizes the amount of extension cords you need. In addition, this speaker is really loud at 50 watts and can run on its own battery for several hours without a problem. I also purchased this speaker during a sale on Amazon for 99 dollars. The ION Tailgater Active speaker is also a bluetooth wireless speaker. My whole family is very impressed with the sound quality of this wireless bluetooth speaker by ION.

Here are the links again to the products I purchased. By using this links you are supporting this website and encouraging me to continue making product reviews. Thank you for your support.

Optom GT760a projector - My Outdoor Movie Projector
Elite Yard Master 2 Projector Screen My Outdoor Projector Screen
ION Tailgater Active Bluetooth Speaker My Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Make sure to watch my video review. I think a outdoor movie theater is a great way to create a unique outdoor cinema environment. It would also be an excellent way to entertain your children and provide summer activities for kids.

Thanks for checking out my review.

Ray Briant
Firefighter and Entrepreneur

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