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Does your business need a fanpage?

Are you addicted to facebook?

Well, join the club.  A recent study concluded that facebook is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. Now, if your a business owner and you don't have a facebook fan page than you are really missing out. Let me explain, you may be thinking that facebook is just for people to talk about what they had for breakfast or to talk about a book they just read. Well, let me tell you something... YOU'RE RIGHT! But if you own a restaurant, sell vitamins, own a bookstore, promote weight loss or sell anything for that matter, than these are your people and you need to be plugged into facebook. People talk about all kinds of things on facebook because we're humans (that's what we do) and I bet whatever your business sells you can find a way to communicate with potential customers. Remember, people usually buy from people they know, like and trust.Creating a facebook page for your business may be your best internet marketing decision.  If you are a South Florida business and need some help setting up your facebook page, you're in luck!  I am running a special that includes shooting a custom video on location for you.  I want to help you get business and when you see how little I am charging you are going to want to get started right away.For more information about my face book fan page service, simple go to my facebook fanpage. 😉I look forward to connecting with you soon.Ray

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