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I started my own bulletin board system around 1982 in South Florida and ever since that time I have been active online.  In 2005 I decided to create my own business that helps people with computer, network, internet or video marketing issues.  Here is a little random stuff about me and my family.

  • We are a God fearing family that seldom miss Church on Sunday.
  • I currently serve as a Battalion Chief in a large South Florida Fire Department.
  • When not at the fire house, I spent a lot of time online building websites, creating videos, marketing websites or doing a affiliate marketing video.
  • My oldest son loves history and has competed at our Nation’s History Bee and has placed in the top ten in Florida for his History knowledge in 2012.
  • I am an internal optimist whose goal it is to fine the good in everyone.
  • If we played golf right now I would probably shoot a 89.
  • I can help you with anything online and you will explain everything so you become your own advocate.

I have also recently invented my first smartphone app called TiLoTag.  TiLoTag stands for Time, Location, and Tagging and it will be a new method of leaving messages for friends and families.  I am currently offering TiLoTag for free and you can get it by Get TiLoTag.

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