September 11th Reflection

What does September 11th mean to you? For me, the month of September has been transformed into a time of reflection in all areas of my life.  I tend to think …

HMDX Jam Bedside Sound System

HDMX Jam Micro USB radio and smartphone charger

Here is my review on another cool piece of technology.  I recently bought the HDMX Jam bedside sound system.  This little device does more than just an alarm clock.  It …

Mophie HTC One Case

Mophie HTC One Case | Review

Review of Mophie Case for HTC One I really like this case and truly hope that they figure out what is going on with it. I have been through 3 different …


rippln invite code

Want a Free Rippln Invite Code? So far about 300,000 people have utilized a rippln invite code to access one of the fastest growing social sharing platforms created.  This is an …

What is RIPPLN?

What is RIPPLN? The Rippln app brings long-overdue transparency to the social engagement business and has created a new monetary model for “eyeball acquisition”. With Rippln, people will finally be able …

Tawatec E.O. Diver | Watch Review

Tawatec E.O. Diver | MK II Tactical Watch Review This is my new favorite watch that will blow you away!.  TAWATEC stands for Tactical Watch Technology.  The model in this review …

Movember Participation

I decided to participate in the Movember Experiment. I guess this officially makes me a MO Bro according to the website. On a side note, it is funny how …

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