TiLoTag featured as Editor’s Choice

I am super excited to be featured as an Editor’s Choice on TechFaster.com.  It does feel a little wierd to see myself on another website but I love that more people will see TiLoTag.  I have been working on TiLoTag for a really long time. I decided to put TiLoTag on Kickstarter to accelerate the completion of TiLoTag.  TiLoTag is
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scrap booking smartphone app

Scrap Booking with the TiLoTag Smartphone App

Will people who love to scrap book, love TiLoTag?
To answer this question, I didn’t have to search too far.  Fortunately, my wife loves to scrap book and has preserved the memories of our children using scrap booking.  Scrap booking is amazing because it captures memories and allows you to write down your feelings and describe the experiences of that moment. 
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Live on Kickstarter

After several months of procrastination, I finally decided to get action and put TiLoTag on Kickstarter.  I am extremely excited to share my invention with the world and have already started to receive notifications from people willing to back my idea.  It is very gratifying to see people support my idea and it goes a long way to validate that
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Listen to my TiLoTag interview

TiLoTag is a brand new smartphone app coming to a smartphone soon.  Join us tomorrow 05/05/2014 on the WEI Network for our first interview about TiLoTag.  You will get to hear how this new technology will change how we leave and share messages.  Join us tomorrow at 3pm.http://WEINetwork.com. 
For more information visit http://TiLoTag.com
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Ray BriantInventor, TiLoTag