Mophie HTC One Case

Mophie HTC One Case | Review

Review of Mophie Case for HTC One I really like this case and truly hope that they figure out what is going on with it. I have been through 3 different …


rippln invite code

Want a Free Rippln Invite Code? So far about 300,000 people have utilized a rippln invite code to access one of the fastest growing social sharing platforms created.  This is an …

What is RIPPLN?

What is RIPPLN? The Rippln app brings long-overdue transparency to the social engagement business and has created a new monetary model for “eyeball acquisition”. With Rippln, people will finally be able …

Tawatec E.O. Diver | Watch Review

Tawatec E.O. Diver | MK II Tactical Watch Review This is my new favorite watch that will blow you away!.  TAWATEC stands for Tactical Watch Technology.  The model in this review …

Movember Participation

I decided to participate in the Movember Experiment. I guess this officially makes me a MO Bro according to the website. On a side note, it is funny how …


Website hosting explained

Website hosting explained I just created a video that explains the various types of website hosting and how to choose the best website hosting provider for your online business. Video explains …

Nebo Redline Flashlight with Universal shotgun mount

Nebo Redline Flashlight Review

Nebo Redline Flashlight Review I know that this is a total departure to my normal internet related post but I have a really good explanation.  Give me a chance to explain …


Facebook video disabled

Why did my Facebook disable my ability to upload a video?   Does this LOOK familiar? I recently had the same experience while uploading a video for a client who I manage …


Google+ Local for business update

Google+ Local for business update Our friends at Google continue to improve the Goolge+ Local service.  If you saw my last video, you know that Google+ Local is now replacing the …

new google plus local

Google Plus Local Review

Google Places vs Google+ Local I have been spending some time experimenting with the new Google+ Local feature.  This new feature has become the newest transformation of what was previously known …


How to vacation for cheap!

Learn how to vacation for cheap. Video demonstrates the exact process I utilize to find the cheapest resorts for a fraction of the price that the average person pays. Let me share with you how the best way to take a family vacation.


Henry Rifle 22 caliber

I’ve had my eyes on a 22 caliber Henry Rifle for a long time.  Every time I saw the Henry rifle commercial it made me want to purchase this American classic. …


Fort Lauderdale Air Show 2012

Highlights from the 2012 Fort Lauderdale Air Show We will definitely be going again next year.  The Fort Lauderdale weather wasn’t the best but the really bad weather stayed away for …


Are you addicted to facebook?

Are you addicted to facebook? Well, join the club.  A recent study concluded that facebook is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. Now, if your a business owner and you don’t …

South Florida internet marketing specialist

Helping South Florida Businesses

Fort Lauderdale Website Development and Marketing Specialist First let me say, Wow, have I been slacking on keeping my blog up to date!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since …


Ray's Internet Command System

Ray’s Google + Local

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Vacation Secrets

Ray's Vacation SecretsSystem


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